Headshot Session: Tony

I put a call out recently so I could test my headshot setup in the studio. I've mostly been doing on-location work outdoors, so this was a nice change of pace. Tony answered the call, and here are the results.

Headshot portrait: Tony

After Tony arrived, we chatted a bit and just got to know each other. We also restated our goals for the photo shoot. He was wanting these for his LinkedIn, so I was going to keep things simple, simple, simple.  I decided we should start with some photos of him standing just inside a doorway (above). I was just trying to get him used to the camera with these first photos. I told him the story of how I recently had my portraits taken, and that the first few minutes are just a warm-up. He actually jumped right into it. I was impressed on the different looks and expressions he was conveying right away.

Moving on, we went indoors. I had him sit next to a window:

Headshot portrait of Tony

This is my favorite photo of the session, and I prefer it in black & white too. His look here is very genuine. It is connecting with the viewer. I think anyone looking at this photo would see a person who is thoughtful, serious, and approachable. Hey, that sounds like a winning combination to me!

"Okay, 3,2,1, Smile!"

Tony told me he thought it would be good to have some smiling photos too. I'm not a big joke teller, so I'm not going to go that route to get a genuine smile. I do know that if I want a smile, I need to smile first. If I want a serious look, I need to stop being a dork and let the moment get serious. Give what you need, so to speak.

In the end, I don't know what I said here to get him to laugh, but I like the result:

Headshot portrait: Tony


Tony was a great sport during this session. I'm sure a lot of people put getting a headshot right up there with getting a haircut. You know you need one, but maybe you can wait a couple more weeks. That little curl in the hair is looking good anyways!.... Hopefully these portraits will be just the thing to help Tony up his profile pic game. I know I'm really liking the results.