Headshot Portrait Session: Hayze

Here's a recent session I did with Hayze on Alberta St. in Portland, OR. When I asked him initially what the photos would be for, he said he just wanted some nice pictures of himself. I interpreted this as, "Let's get creative!" I did a lot more experimenting with backgrounds, lighting, and composition than I would a normal headshot session.


There is no shortage of great murals and street art on Alberta. I have walked by this one so many times thinking, "Man that would make a great backdrop for a portrait." I finally got to try it out here.


There's a bit of a similar expression going on above, or maybe it's just me? Moving to another part of the mural, I found a little spot where Hayze could be framed by the artwork


It never hurts to have a few photos with a neutral background. I really like his expression here.


Next, we walked down the street a few blocks and found another cool background color to work with. I decided to try an edgier lighting style here. It kind of looks like a street light to me.


We had just a couple minutes to spare, so I took a few photos in front of this really cool design on a building. I need to try this location again in the future.


Besides the first photo above, I brought the location way more into the mix during this session. It turned out to be more of an environmental portrait session, rather than a strict headshot session. All in all, I like how things turned out. Alberta is a street I'm going to keep returning to for portraits. Every 5-10 feet there is a new opportunity.