Headshot Session: Preston

Here's a recent headshot session I did with Preston near Belmont St. in Portland, OR. He told me he wanted some new professional pics for his LinkedIn profile. We got these, and much more!

Starting out on a variety of simple backgrounds:

Headshot of Preston in front of a wall
Headshot of Preston in front of a brick wall
Headshot of Preston in front of a wall

Let's push things just a bit further now that we're warmed up...

Diptych: Two headshots of Preston in front of a wall

I saw this yellowish background as we were walking around and thought it would go great with the jacket color. Then he flashed his movie-star look at me. He reminded me so much of a famous actor during this moment of the photo shoot, I lost my concentration! (Guess which one?)

Final location:

A candid portrait of Preston

We ended up walking to a spot I've used before in other sessions. I told him to stand in place while I set my exposure. I took a test-shot while he was just looking in the distance. This was not posed at all, and it turned out to be one of my favorite photos of the day for sure! The lighting was great at this time of day. It could'nt have been a nicer Spring day in Portland.

Back Home

I barely looked at my lcd screen during the shoot, except to make sure my exposure was decent. I wasn't sure how things turned out until I got home and copied over the files to my computer. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! Preston was a great person to work with, and I think these photos turned out pretty awesome.