Headshot Session: Hanna

I recently did a headshot session with Hanna on Alberta St. in Portland, OR. This is one of the most photogenic places in town, if you ask me. There are amazing murals, graffiti, and all sorts of other street art. There's also a lot of clean backgrounds to choose from, too. We started out with some simple portraits to get warmed up.

Headshot of Hanna in front of a brick wall.
Headshot of Hanna in front of some greenery.

La Bonita...

Headshot of Hanna in front of La Bonita on Alberta St.

La Bonita on Alberta St. is a great restaurant, and it also has a great mural on the side of the building. Starting to get more interesting...

Headshot of Hanna in front of a wall of flowers

Done with work! After a quick outfit change, we decided to take some more casual portraits. I found a wall of flowers to go with the floral-print dress.

Headshot of Hanna holding sunglasses

Final minutes...

Portrait of Hanna
Portrait of Hanna at the end of our session

I decided at the end of the session to try a completely different lighting style. Something a bit more edgy, because, why not? I knew we had some good photos from earlier, so it was time to get creative! I like her expression in the last couple photos a lot.

Hanna was a really nice person to photograph, and I'm really happy how the photos turned out. It was fun to get such a variety of images in only an hour from start to finish.