Open for Business

Hello! My name is Chris Korsak, and I’m a photographer in Portland, Oregon. I'm concentrating on helping small businesses and solo entrepreneurs in Portland with their photography needs. I was a staff photographer for 4 years at a startup and know you might need a little of everything (product, headshots, lifestyle/environmental, social media content, etc.). Here's what I can do for you:

Product and Food Photography

Product phototography example: beer bottle
Product/food photography example: Perfect Drink Pro scale and app
Product photography example: guitar pedal

Breweries/wineries, Etsy sellers, small boutiques, local restaurants… you all create unique items. Great photos of your products and food are going to help you get more customers. I can help!

Headshots and Portraits

Headshot portrait example
Professional headshot portrait example

A high-quality headshot or portrait is going to open doors. Don’t take a selfie with an iphone if you want to impress. I can help you look your best!


Lifestyle photo example: group of people enjoying cocktails.
Environmental photo example: metalsmith making jewelry.

Tell your story with great visuals. Lifestyle images can help potential customers identify with your product or service. Photos that illustrate your business and your process will help your customers understand you better. Let me help you tell your story!


I'd love to help you with your visuals. Contact me and let's talk about your project!